Doctoral Consortium

Multidimensional Search Result Diversification: Diverse Search Results for Diverse Users
Sumit Bahta (Pennsylvania State University)
Using k-top Retrieved Web Snippets to Date Temporal Implicit Queries based on Web Content Analysis
Ricardo Nuno Taborda Campos (University of Porto)
Improving Query and Result List Adaptation in Personalized Multilingual Information Retrieval
M. Rami Ghorab (Trinity College Dublin)
Search Engines that Learn Online
Katja Hofmann (University of Amsterdam)
Efficient and Effective Solutions for Search Engines
Xiang-Fei Jia (University of Otago)
Query Expansion Based on a Semantic Graph Model
Xue Jiang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Domain-Specific Information Retrieval Using Recommenders
Wei Li (Dublin City University)
Modeling Document Scores for Distributed Information Retrieval
Ilya Markov (University of Lugano)
Descriptive Modelling of Text Classification and its Integration with other IR Tasks
Miguel Martinez-Alvarez (Queen Mary, University of London)
Persistence in the Ephemeral: Utilizing Repeat Behaviors for Multi-Session Personalized Search Sarah K Tyler (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Understanding and Using Contextual Information in Recommender Systems
Licai Wang (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)