Box Computing: The Simplest Way to Use the Internet

Ruoxue Liao, Baidu, China


The concept "Box Computing" was first announced in Baidu Technology Innovation Conference 2009, in response to the constantly changing world of Internet and its users. More and more information is generated by users and the contents on the web have become more and more dynamic. Users want not only mark-up webpages, but also multi-media content which can be played immediately and applications which allows more interactions. By "Box Computing", users can simply input what they want. No matter whether it's a webpage, a game, online shopping tool, or virus-scanning software. Ideally, our box will respond to users with exact "answers" - fast, directly, simply, and reliably.  Furthermore, our "Box Computing" offers an open platform for people -- individuals and groups -- to share data and applications, and subsequently allows every internet user to benefit from the power of the crowd, which means Box Computing is also an eco-system of collected intellectual and users. This talk will guide you to the world of Baidu's "Box Computing".


Ruoxue Liao is senior architect & chair of technical committee at Baidu, where he focuses on Internet products and technologies including search, recommendation and architecture. He is one of the chief technical leaders of Baidu's "Box Computing".